Take 5....

I, like many of you, am guilty of the "P-word"! PROCRASTINATING!!!

Usually when I want to get things done I set a timer for at least 15 minutes and work on that task. But this time I decided to see how long a few things would actually take so that I could share them with YOU, in hopes of encouraging US.

I had alot of receipts in my purse and decided to go through them to shred/file/toss....surprisingly it only took me 3:30. HA! That's nothing yet I feel so relieved to have this done and have my purse not filled with paper. (I had waaay more receipts than you see in the snapshot)

Clearing off my nightstand/bookcase 4:46...GREATNESS huh? Finally, I had a couple of boxes I've been staring at since I moved in. Within 30 minutes VOILA!

Soooo in about 38 minutes I had unpacked 2 boxes, cleaned out receipts from my purse and organized my nightstand. Not bad at all.

What have you been putting off? Set aside 5 minutes now and another 5 minutes tonight and you might be amazed at what you can accomplish in so little time. TAKE 5...Action!

I'll leave you with a little quote from someone I admire greatly:
"Take small steps. Don't let anything trip you up. All those steps are like pieces of a puzzle. They come together to form a picture. When it's complete, you've reached your ultimate goal, step by step. I can't see any other way of accomplishing anything."~Michael Jordan

Open House Tours

As you guys know, I enjoy going to the open houses because I get a chance to see all types of decor. I love seeing how others live. Also when I think the home is fabulous I am always wondering WHERE the current homeowner is moving. Call me curious or call me nosey.... I like what I like!

Below are pictures of a tri-level townhome... the owner (local news anchor) will be relocating to LA.
The entryway....

This bathroom actually looked better in person

This artwork was on the wall in the guest bedroom. I love it!

Den area.... very sparse due to staging I suppose....

The living area.... I am a person who likes ALOT of stuff with a "homey" feel but I can appreciate the minimalist approach.

The homeowner had a nice sculpture near each stairway

Bedroom.... I have to remind myself that this home has been staged to sell to keep my mind from saying... where are the BOOKS, the magazines, slippers, etc... :)
Great View!

Ralph Lauren lover.....

Organized eh?

This next home combined two apartments to make one unit. They entertain alot and one of the homeowners is an artist (which explains the vibrant colors). I saw three homes and this one was my favorite. This couple will be relocating to Maine (I think...)

I love love LOVE how he hung these picture (hook & chain)

Kitchen area.... this is the center of the two apartments combined
Guest Bedroom.... I could certainly curl up here for a weekend visit.
Master bath... look closely on the left in the back.... that's the washer & dryer. Make sense because you take your clothes off here as well as towels but I'm not so sure how I feel about having it in the bathroom.

Well that's it....Lemme know if you wanna share pics of how you live, I'm always eager to look! Smooches!

Tidy Up

If you love a clean home this is for you! I am IN LOVE with this product. I learned about it from Kevin Sharkey's blog. I ordered it and I can't get enough of it. In fact, I am about to order another pack for the bathroom. It's also a GREEN product.

This kitchen pack comes with 2 cloths ($18 w/FREE & fast shipping) general purpose cloth and a glass polishing cloth. All you need is water to use these. I spray water on my glass, mirrors, countertops, fridge or whatever and wipe with the glass polishing cloth and there are NO STREAKS. This cloth is THE BUSINESS! I also wet the general purpose cloth and wipe down stuff and follow with the glass polishing cloth.

I even use the glass polishing cloth to dry wine glasses or anything that I don't want fingerprints on. I'm telling you this product is FABULOUS! I have totally cut down on my paper towel use and the use of cleaning products.

If you decide to order let me know what you think.... Smooches!

OMG It's Been Too Long...

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. One word: LIFE! Many of you know I've moved, gone thru a break-up and turned 40 all during the same time frame.

I've taken quite a few pictures and thought I'd share a few with you in an effort to "get back on the horse" with my blogging. I'm reminded of the quote fall down 7 times and get up EIGHT!

Feel free to check back often for updates.... Smooches!

Sooo excited to have a gas stove!

First meal I made (chicken fajitas) I make this often... made it twice here already.

The BEFORE: Ugh! I have a SMALL love affair with books! I got a lot to do.

AFTER: I got most of the cookbooks organized.

The counter cleared off.....

Where the blogging goes down (that's my knee as I sit here in my robe!)
My new view! It's great and I feel soooo BLESSED! It makes me HAPPY to look out the window!

FOCUS DAY-Whatchu Workin' On?

Join me for this FOCUS DAY on April 14th!