I'm Back!

Finally I'm back to updating my blog! Yikes it's been too long! Figuring out ways to keep up with all that I enjoy (blogging, Facebooking, emailing, letter-writing, etc....)

Alot has happened since my last post in October so I am looking forward to catching you guys up. For those of you on Facebook you kinda know what's been happening.

One of the things I am excited about is my part-time gig. I started back working with children at an organization I worked full-time from 95-97. It's a HUGE challenge but I am up for it! It's part of my quest to help change the planet (James Ray fans). I leave there EVERY SINGLE DAY with a story to tell.

We (Darryl & I) also attended a life-changing seminar in NY/New Jersey in early March so I will definitely be sharing more of that!

The picture was taken in NY. I'm very attracted to great architecture and people who live in fabulous places. I just thought the place was pretty.

I also FINALLY purchased the Kitchen-Aid Mixer I have been dreaming about FOR"like'EVER so there will definitely be future post on recipes using it.

I am at a really good place in life. Not because there have been major changes but because my outlook on it is more focused than ever. I have always been an optimist but now it's been fine tuned even more!

Please continue to stop by for my updated posts! Kisses! ~SM

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