Live For The Day Not Just The Weekend!

How many of you have already started the week thinking... "Ah my weekend was too short!" or "I can't wait until Friday!"? There are five WHOLE days you are rushing by because you are living for the weekend.

Now I am a fan of 8 hours of sleep per night so I am not suggesting to go out and party it up every night of the week. However, I am suggesting that you not put FUN happenings off for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So go ahead and have some friends over for an early "potluck" dinner on a Monday! Plan a lunch picnic with your Sweetie on Wednesday, visit your local museum on Thursday evening.

These "happenings" don't have to take up alot of time either. For instance, there are great places to pick up prepared foods the day before.

So go ahead, TRY IT! Who knows you just might start looking forward to Tuesdays because that's the day you and all of your friends play Scattergories! Aaaah... I Love that game!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl - LOVE THE SITE! That is a great message about enjoying each of our days and not rushing through the week. I think you do that so well and it is something that each of us should adhere to. I also love the links to these great sites - especially that Style On Demand one(wink, wink). Anyway - as usual everything you touch is just fabulous! Can't wait to check back in from time to time - LOVE YA! Andrea

Anonymous said...

Great Site Sally!

Can't wait to check back later to see what other cool things you're gonna hip us all to.

Keep up the good work!

Love ya & Miss ya lots!
Angie Dillard-Scott