"Mascara With A Rubber Brush!"

Well I rushed to the store to see if this was going to be IT!! THE mascara that I would be raving about. The one that would have people asking me...."Are those YOUR lashes?"

I arrived at the first
Walgreens and they were sold out! So now I am really on the hunt because it must be good! I get to the second Walgreens and they have it....Maybellines NEW Define-A-Lash™ "blackest black". I gladly pay the 8 bucks for it and I get to the car, rip open the package and I am in loooove with the tube color. Cute and Bright Green.

I open it up and discover the brush bends... it's rubber! I put a little on to get a feel but the true test will come when I am not putting it on top of my current mascara. I finally get the chance to try it out and I LIKE it! The claim is that it is "klump free" and that was indeed my experience. No
klumps. I did notice that I had to work a little more to get the length I am used to. I liked the flexibility of the brush.

The downside for me, I did not get the volume I like. Overall I think this is a keeper (at least this tube) and I will look forward to seeing the pretty bright green in my
makeup bag! Yeah I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try it! I'm just like in you, in that I am constantly on the hunt for THE perfect mascara. I'm kinda frugal when it comes to my makeup and typically buy most of my products from the drugstore, so we'll see how this one works for me. I'll add another comment once I try it!

Andrea' B

eura lost said...

Since mascara is the only thing I use without fear then I'm excited to hear about this.

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Amina said...

I also like this mascara :)
there's a new one in pink :)

fran said...

I am such a skeptic when it comes to mascara because for the last 3 years Clinic has topped them all. From Chanell to MAC. Earlier this year I even tried to be more frugal, so I purchased a few other brands like maybelline,from the store. And every single time I spent my lil 7 dollars I got my feelings hurt. So needless to say I have given up on drug store mascara. Clinic's High Impact mascara is the bomb baby and I think you should get some. Its worth every penny!!!

timeless mom said...

Sally-Could you tell me what's with the rubber bristles? Why is that so great?

Sounds like it just makes the application easier by separating lashes better. Thanks.