Just Because It's BIG Doesn't Mean It's Good!

Well I made it over to Freebirds to check out the hype. A Girlfriend gave me a coupon for a free burrito so I decided I would make it over there to give it a try. I walked in and all my choices were right in front of me. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Dark Meat, White Meat, Garlic, Guacamole, on and on. I had no problem with the choices. I loaded up.... chicken, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, beans, salsa and I am thinking yuuuummmy!

I walk to the table with my mouth totally watering. I am ready to tear the foil off and get my EAT ON! I take my first bite and...... drum roll.... let down! Sorry guys, I didn't like it. It was oooK but not the talk of the town! I think people see how BIG it is and that automatically means..."oh they have the BEST burritos"... when what they really should say is..."they have the BIGGEST burritos!"

So for those of you who wanna go ahead and give it a TRY and not take my word for it please hit me back with your comments. I simply loooove good food, especially Tex-Mex. So if you know of a great place that I should give a try please let me know. I would love to go check it out!

Don't get me wrong , I like BIG, but it has be good too. Otherwise it's a WASTE!!!

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