"A Lunch of Love"

Quite some time ago I had a friend whose Father passed away. She was going to be making the drive from Dallas, Texas to Jackson Mississippi with her daughter (approx 7 hours) for her Father's burial. I wanted to express to her that I was thinking about her during her time of loss and I wanted to be able to somehow ease her load. I decided that I would make lunch for her and her daughter's road trip.

She was sooo grateful and still mentions it to this day. Making others feel good and being able to somehow put a smile on their face is something that brings me true joy. I decided that I would store this idea in my stash as something I could do time and time again for others. And of course I would love to share with you what I did so you too can pack a "lunch of love" for someone you care about!

The sandwiches were purchased from Eatzi's. It's a good idea to always have lots of pretty ribbon on hand for occasions such as this. You can wrap the sandwiches in clear cellophane bags and tie them with the pretty colorful ribbon. Put the condiments in small round plastic containers and stacked those inside the cellophane bag with ribbon as well. I chose to do that so the bread would not get soggy. I made them chocolate chip cookies and prettied those up also. Finally, I added two of the coca cola classic bottles of coke and used a Fashion Newspaper (they both love shopping & fashion) to stuff the basket instead of tissue paper. You can purchase a basket from World Market, TJ Maxx, or Michael's since you are already there shopping for ribbon. You can use any newspaper to stuff the bottom of the basket and then cover it with the Fashion Newspaper or whatever filler you decide to use. Once that's complete place the sandwiches, cookies, condiments, beverages and napkins in the basket and make sure everything is secure. And no "Lunch of Love" basket is complete without a note of LOVE! The entire basket can be prepared the night before.

I hope you decide to create a "Lunch of Love" for someone special. What if you packed your significant other lunch for the day or lunch for your teenage daughter's birthday or even your housekeeper that's helping you out for the day? Whoever you decide to do it for, remember to personalize it and add something that is a touch of "them" (cosmo girl, GQ, New York Times).

Here's to joy, happiness and love! Spread it around and you'll get it back (TENFOLD)! mmmmm WAH!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Sally! I'm sure your girlfriend will return the favor to someone soon and make that person feel as wonderful as you made her feel!