"Regret for wasted time is more wasted time."--Mason Cooley

The above quote reminds me not to beat myself up for not updating my blog!!! The pic is to express and explain the delayed update! LIFE...

So many changes have taken place in my life lately. If I attempted to blog about it I risk this being a small paperback instead of a single entry!

Well with that said I am happy to be back. I am sitting home watching Martha and the special guest is Bill Clinton talking about his new book GIVING! The title alone EXCITES me! I haven't purchased the book yet but I plan on it. My reason for bringing that up..... I realized my "LIFE" is very rich in comparison to some of the people Mr. Clinton has had the joy of helping. And for that I am grateful!

I challenge you, when you are feeling down and out, to give someone the very thing you feel you are in need of (love, time, money, hugs, knowledge, someone to talk to, the list goes on....) Take notice of how you feel after giving away what you think you so desperately need. Maybe even jot it down in a journal. I can almost assure you the feeling you receive will bring you pure JOY!

If you have some extra time send me an email and I will share it with others. Glad to be back & stay tuned for updates! Smooches!

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shelley connell said...

That is SO true...and it has brought me JOY to give others what I need as well! We are all in this game called life together and should be availble to help others out even when we need help ourselves. The statement...sow into your need, may not make much sense unless you really sit down and think about it, but that's how I have decided to live my life! Thanks for this reminder!!