STOP Junk Mail

Well one of my friends found the answer! She told me her junk mail has dramatically decreased to almost NADA! NOTHING! ZILCH!

So listed below are the steps to take to stop the JUNK MAIL once and for all...

1) Pre-approved Credit Card and Insurance Offers: Call 888-567-8688 (888-5-OPT-OUT) from your home telephone; it will be checked against an address database. Or visit

2) Experian Consumer Services will also remove your name from non-credit offers—coupons, flyers and catalogues—that result from its lists. Call 402-458-5247 to opt out of these mail and telemarketing offers.

3) Direct Marketing Association — To stop receiving mailings from DMA members, go to Please note, “consumers” is plural in the address. Alternately, you can access their Mail Preference Service via and click on the orange box that reads “remove my name from mailing lists.” Opting out will take your name off the lists of those companies with whom you do not already do business with. You can opt out online or by mail; there’s a $1 charge either way to verify your credit card or checkbook identity.

4) Catalogues - If you’re getting swamped with catalogues—including those from companies you’ve never patronized—chances are it’s because at some time you made some purchase from some catalogue…or perhaps simply requested one. When either of those actions occurs, your name and address are very likely handed over to Abacus, an alliance of catalogue and publishing companies. Abacus members routinely swap customer information. To stop individual catalogues from reaching your home, contact the specific company in question. To stop en masse mailings, send an e-mail to

5) “Resident” and “Occupant” Mailings: To fend off flyers offering various goods and services, contact: ADVO, Inc. You can remove your name and address by Complete the form at:

6) Val-Pak: Packs arriving in a blue envelope can be stopped via a quick visit to

7) Do Not Call List. If you haven’t done so already, by all means register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, maintained by the FTC. Once you have registered your telephone numbers at or by calling 888-382-1222, most telemarketers are barred from calling you.

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