"Pie Equals 3!"

Well I finally made it over to Fireside Pies! When I walked in I immediately liked the atmosphere. It was a really cool spot. I saw younger people out having drinks, I saw a family having a pizza night out and then there was a more mature couple having both (pizza & a drink!) So needless to say this is a place for everyone.

It was Thursday night so it was quite busy! --- Somehow Thursday seems to be the new Friday! --- So let's get down to the real stuff, THE FOOD! I wasn't sure what to order because I didn't see what I normally like (white pizza). However, the two young ladies next to me had a pie that looked quite appetizing. So I asked...."Which one is that!?" I was told it was recommended by the Server and it was Paula's Fresh Mozz and they added chicken. So it was decided.... I ordered Paula's Fresh Mozz!

My pie arrived and the presentation was so FABULOUS my mouth watered (fresh tomatoes, basil, roasted basil chicken & yummy mozzarella)! I couldn't wait to get that first bite! I took my first bite and it was quite tasty and pleasant but not that "Oh my God" I was looking for! Will I eat my leftovers..."Yes!"... will I order it again..."No!"

If I had to sum it up using a 1-5 scale..... pie (3) atmosphere (5) service (5+) free shot(5+) & the pricing (1) ----Let's talk about the pricing for a sec. I thought it was a li'l overpriced to begin with and one of my pet peeves (BEING NICKLED AND DIMED....drives me NUTS!) for fresh parmesan ($1) for ranchhouse sauce ($1) to add chicken ($2) So needless to say my $13 pizza went up to $16. I sacrificed on the parmesan (bummer!)

I still would recommend Fireside Pies. If you haven't been, please go for the experience and the great atmosphere. There are some dining spots that I frequent for drinks and atmosphere ONLY so it's doable!

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