Word Diet Results!!!

Well the week is up! This was a tough assignment. The first day I began a car come to a HALT right in front of me. And while I am not a road rage kind of person (anymore) I still had to watch my WORDS. Once I made it home I had internet issues. Then there was my loved one talking about how he had been wronged and I wanted to jump in and talk about the person who had wronged him. Talk about being tested.

What I learned from all of this is... it takes a special kind of awareness to speak ONLY words of healing, blessing and prosperity. So many of us say things without even thinking. We say hurtful things, unnecessary tacky things and sometimes we just talk to be talking. I found that I had several moments of silence. There were times when I wanted to talk about a fashion faux pas or co-sign a negative comment made by a Friend. It's funny that I felt the need to EXPLAIN why I wasn't joining in a conversation. I somehow felt like the odd man out.

I am glad that I had this self-imposed challenge. I walked away with a new awareness. I consider myself to be a thoughtful and considerate person but I am guilty of some gossip here and there, some "what did she have on!" comments and lashing out at people who have hurt me. But I am learning that it is indeed possible to become more aware of what I am saying. I read a quote this morning that is appropriate....

So according to the above quote I am WISE to be looking at this part of me! I hope you had a chance to try out The Word Diet too and I hope it allowed you to look deeper within and take some personal inventory.

This also came at a perfect time because Oprah announced her new book... "A New Earth!" by Eckhart Tolle. It's about awakening and living CONSCIOUSLY vs. UNCONSCIOUSLY! Her disclaimer is you must be READY to be awakened in order for the book to be effective. After The Word Diet I am ready! Ready to live in a much more CONSCIOUS way than ever before!

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