Well I have decided for 7 days to go on a "WORD DIET"! I can ooooonnnly imagine what I am in for. The GOAL.... To only use my words for THREE purposes... HEAL, BLESS or PROSPER! Oh my goodness what am I taking on? I am shaking as I type this!

So where did I get this OUTlandish idea? One of my all time favorite authors, Florence Scovel Shinn. Ms. Shinn was long before The Secret (which I am also a fan of). In one of her books (The Power of the Spoken Word) she mentions an old saying...."..man dares only uses his words for three purposes...to heal, bless or prosper.

I have read the book a few times and this is the first time that I have really taken that part in. It jumped out on the page in such a way I thought, WHY NOT!?!

With that said, starting TODAY (29 Jan. 08) at 6pm Central Standard Time, "The Word Diet" begins. Believe me this will be a tough tough 7 days. My words has ALWAYS been hmmmm..... let's say...... INTERESTING! I am no stranger to confrontation, or to lash out and tell you how I REALLY feel about something. I have given up and tried many things in my life but never anything like this (well once I gave up cursing for about 8 months).

I am eager to know the outcome. I have been successful with doing SOME things cold turkey in the past. However this one is a doozie!!! I vow to journal/blog during the seven days so check in and see how it's going. Heck, why don't you join me on the journey and share your outcome by posting your comments.

I will leave you with some words that brings healing to me.....

"My happiness is God's affair, therefore, no one can interfere!"

The clock is ticking..... 5:32pm CST..... Sheez...

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