Chicken Pot Pie

Okay I decided to try out the Chicken Pot Pie in Katie Lee Joel's Cookbook ("The Comfort Table"). Did you guys see her on Oprah a while back? I thought she was soooo adorable.

Check out my process below....

The recipe is on page 96 in the book...

I picked up ingredients from my FAVE store.... Whole Foods!

Okay I'm boiling the stock (onions, bayleaves, peppercorn...)
Pearl onions... boiling 3 minutes makes them easy to peel.
peeled pearl onions, mushrooms, peas & carrots)
Cooking those in 3 Tbsp of butter! Smellin yummy!

Added in the milk & reserved stock. Stir til thick.
Now the chicken has been added. Her recipe calls for 4 boneless breast I only used 2... I didn't want that much meat.
Here's the dough I rolled out. I purchased Dufour from Whole Foods(her recommendation) A whoppin $9.99 but I LOVED IT! So easy to work with!

The beaten egg to brush on the pastry... That's a Nigella Lawson bowl I got a few years ago.

I layed the pastry over the filling. Katie did 4 individual bowls & I love that idea. So I will definitely have to buy 4 (2-cup) bowls for the future
This is the pot-pie after it't out of the oven (oven for 35 minutes).... Looks DELISH, right?

This is after we made our plates..... If you look at the first picture you can tell she used alot more chicken than I did. I usually give most of the meat to my BF so 2 chicken breast were plenty for us. If you have meatlovers definitely use all 4.

We enjoyed it! I will definitely make it again. Next time I will use the individual bowls just cuz I think that will be CUTE! A Girl's gotta have cute, right?

Let me know if you decide to try it and feel free to ask me any questions.


Angie Scott said...

Sally winfrey-Stewart ...
Gon' head Gurrrl!
You have taken it to the next level! I love it! And I love Chicken Pot Pie! I will definitely try this recipe!


Tina Taber said...

I haven't made chicken pot pie for ages and now you inspire me. Your pie is gorgeous! I use my ole' betty crocker book, but this looks really delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Tina~Belle Adorn