I'm Soaking This Up!

Okay I'm sooo LOVIN' these. Why? These sponges are little flat thingies until you wet them and then POOF! They are fantastic and indestructible (unlike the ones from grocery stores). You can only get these at Williams Sonoma. They have been around for years but I just discovered them so I wanted to tell you guys about 'em.

I have used 'em in the bathrooms and the kitchen. I'm telling you they are great. I opted to buy the regular size because it fits comfortably in my hand. They come in yellow and pink. The pink is only in the larger size (BUMMER).

I use the dishwasher to clean the sponges. Oh... I haven't had any problem with them being stinky winky either, which is wonderful! Enjoy!

I took a pic of mine so you could see.
The regular ones have 12 in a pack for $14 & the large have 6 in a pack for $12

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