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I have been a fan of Sara Blakely's entrepreneurial story for quite some time. Nooooo I didn't have the wonderful pleasure of interviewing her myself but I find her FASCINATING and thought I would share her inspirational story with you guys!
Pssstt....She has an inexpensive version of SPANX at Target... Assets!

The Road To Entrepreneurship Wasn't Easy
Working as a sales trainer by day and performing stand-up comedy at night, I didn't know the first thing about the pantyhose industry (except I dreaded wearing most pantyhose). Also, I had never taken a business class which made the process even more challenging. As a result, I had only one source to operate from...my gut.

First the Patent
I read several books on trademarks and patents and researched pantyhose patents at the Georgia Tech Library at night after work. I then approached several lawyers who thought my idea was so crazy that they later admitted thinking I had been sent by Candid Camera. To keep costs down, I wrote the patent myself and later found a lawyer who helped write the claims. My patent was approved and I successfully trademarked the name SPANX online!

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Tante Waileka said...

As a 'real' feminist you would never catch me wearing a bra let alone any kind of 'body wear'. So we go back in time to the 50s-60s, sheesh! Here I am in my 60s still NOT wearing a bra, NOT wearing a girdle, NOT wearing high-heeled or pointy-toe shoes, and yet younger women are still trying to hold in their bodies. ugh ugh ugh. the Spanx woman is not an entrepreneur, she's an opportunist, and I'm sorry I ever burned my bra back in 1963 if THIS is the result! ugh ugh