Hold That Thought!

I recently found these tabs at Barnes & Noble and I LOVE them. They are so cute and fun. I like the fact that they are arrows instead of the traditional post-it flags (I use those too).

You get 100 for only $1.95. The stores have them in stock however online is out of stock for now. I would advise making note of the ISBN (064165899-0) so that the Sales Rep can easily locate these for you.

I use them for marking my favorite pages in books and magazines. I also like to use them to mark pages if I am gifting a recipe book to a friend so they know what meal to invite me over for! (smile).

Hope you like them as much as I do!

**these were made exclusively for Barnes & Noble so you will not find them at the traditional office stores**

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Tante Waileka said...

Yup, I like em too.
Now if one could 'bookmark' audio books... hmmm, actually I think you can bookmark a digital book, at least my digital recorder has that feature. (segu-ing left to check out the possibility of patenting the idea, although I'm sure it's been patented for some time now).