OMG It's Been Too Long...

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. One word: LIFE! Many of you know I've moved, gone thru a break-up and turned 40 all during the same time frame.

I've taken quite a few pictures and thought I'd share a few with you in an effort to "get back on the horse" with my blogging. I'm reminded of the quote fall down 7 times and get up EIGHT!

Feel free to check back often for updates.... Smooches!

Sooo excited to have a gas stove!

First meal I made (chicken fajitas) I make this often... made it twice here already.

The BEFORE: Ugh! I have a SMALL love affair with books! I got a lot to do.

AFTER: I got most of the cookbooks organized.

The counter cleared off.....

Where the blogging goes down (that's my knee as I sit here in my robe!)
My new view! It's great and I feel soooo BLESSED! It makes me HAPPY to look out the window!

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Tammie said...

Wow...what a view. You city girl!