Tidy Up

If you love a clean home this is for you! I am IN LOVE with this product. I learned about it from Kevin Sharkey's blog. I ordered it and I can't get enough of it. In fact, I am about to order another pack for the bathroom. It's also a GREEN product.

This kitchen pack comes with 2 cloths ($18 w/FREE & fast shipping) general purpose cloth and a glass polishing cloth. All you need is water to use these. I spray water on my glass, mirrors, countertops, fridge or whatever and wipe with the glass polishing cloth and there are NO STREAKS. This cloth is THE BUSINESS! I also wet the general purpose cloth and wipe down stuff and follow with the glass polishing cloth.

I even use the glass polishing cloth to dry wine glasses or anything that I don't want fingerprints on. I'm telling you this product is FABULOUS! I have totally cut down on my paper towel use and the use of cleaning products.

If you decide to order let me know what you think.... Smooches!

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Great blog, Sally. Good luck!