Take 5....

I, like many of you, am guilty of the "P-word"! PROCRASTINATING!!!

Usually when I want to get things done I set a timer for at least 15 minutes and work on that task. But this time I decided to see how long a few things would actually take so that I could share them with YOU, in hopes of encouraging US.

I had alot of receipts in my purse and decided to go through them to shred/file/toss....surprisingly it only took me 3:30. HA! That's nothing yet I feel so relieved to have this done and have my purse not filled with paper. (I had waaay more receipts than you see in the snapshot)

Clearing off my nightstand/bookcase 4:46...GREATNESS huh? Finally, I had a couple of boxes I've been staring at since I moved in. Within 30 minutes VOILA!

Soooo in about 38 minutes I had unpacked 2 boxes, cleaned out receipts from my purse and organized my nightstand. Not bad at all.

What have you been putting off? Set aside 5 minutes now and another 5 minutes tonight and you might be amazed at what you can accomplish in so little time. TAKE 5...Action!

I'll leave you with a little quote from someone I admire greatly:
"Take small steps. Don't let anything trip you up. All those steps are like pieces of a puzzle. They come together to form a picture. When it's complete, you've reached your ultimate goal, step by step. I can't see any other way of accomplishing anything."~Michael Jordan

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Easily I agree but I think the collection should have more info then it has.