Yummy Cinnamon Rolls

Okay Everyone! Here's another recipe out of Katie Lee Joel's Cookbook! I was so glad I made this. My only disclaimer.... this is a weekend recipe or rainy day recipe. It is definitely a process but with a YUMMY payoff!

Here's is the beginning of the process. Getting stuff together. I got that rolling pin from Williams-Sonoma. I could hang out in that store for hours!

The yeast. I had to use 1 package mixed with warm water & some sugar. Let is sit for 5 minutes.

The dough coming together...

Okay this was during the kneading process! Let me tell ya I was thinking I could get away with not working out after kneading that bread. Recipe says knead for 8-10 minutes. I think I have Madonna arms now!

Into the fridge for 3 hours.... I felt like a kid..."Is it ready yet!"
Cinnamon & Sugar Mixture
Greasing the pan with butter...
Now for the rolling out! Another workout.... Woo I'm doing 2 a days! ;)
Rectangle 20x10...

You got it! MORE BUTTER! 1/4 cup to be exact
Sprinkle the sugar & cinnamon mixture evenly
Looks even to me.... now the rolling into a cylinder begins....
The cylinder.....
I cut them and put them in the pan they will cook in

What do you know... BUTTER! Hey, I'm just following the recipe!
After they have been at room temperature for 2 MORE hours. Total 5 hours. They've Risen!
After cooking for 40 minutes
Oh this reminds me, I didn't include the pic of the icing I made! Sorry guys! But here it is on the cinnamon rolls! 1 cup of confectioners sugar & 2 Tablespoons of milk. Poured it on right out of the oven!
This is the one I served up to DG (my BF) nice, hot & goey!

They were sooo sweet! I loved them & he says they reminded them of ones his Mom made when he was little! He ate 2 of 'em! The recipe yields 12 so I am giving some to our neighbor and Concierge as well. I put them in cute packaging but the pic didn't upload. If you REALLY wanna see email me and I'll send it to ya!

As always ask me anything! If you wanna get her book you can CLICK HERE! Smooches & Happy Cooking!

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Andrea said...

OK - those look AWESOME!!!! I am gonna have to try that recipe!