Fascinating Fridays

Welcome to Fascinating Fridays! Each Friday there will be an interview with someone I find fascinating and interesting. I have always enjoyed meeting people and learning different things about them. For instance...
  • How they became successful
  • How they got the big beautiful home
  • What are you doing that allows you to drive a convertible Bentley
  • Was it inherited or did you start out with nothing
I have been known to stop someone and ASK them to tell me how!
--- One day I was driving in town and I saw this beautiful "mature" blonde driving a convertible white Bentley with white interior. I was thinking "What does this woman do!? I followed her to the parking lot (yes I really did this) and I approached her and said.... "I know this is odd, but what do you do and can you show me how!? Her reply was... "I married a son-of-a-bitch and he OWES me!" She was very pleasant and not put off that I had approached her--- I was FLOORED! To me, that is fascinating and interesting!

I like to know the story behind what I see. I decided if I wanna know, maybe others would like to know also!

So with that said..... Here's the first Interview!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Nancy Krabill. Nancy is the owner of Flavors from Afar! Flavors from Afar is an interactive gourmet boutique in Dallas, Texas. She and her Husband started Flavors from Afar after she returned from a Girlfriend trip to Paris.
The Krabill's initially started out as a Home-Based business in 2002. They would host "Italian Evening" parties! The participants would get a passport, taste olive oils, enjoy an Italian dinner and have the opportunity to purchase various products. In 2004 they opened the Flavors From Afar storefront.

What is your full name? Nancy Reed Krabill

Where are you originally from? Dallas, Texas--- I grew up on Rosedale Street and went to school in Highland Park. I currently live in McKinney, Texas

Did you go to college? Yes--- Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I have 3 degrees from Emory. Bachelors in English, Masters in Education (taught in GA) & Masters in Business

Did you grow up in a 2 parent home? Yes

What type of "head start on life" did your Parents give you? They paid for my college education and after that I was on my own!

What role does spirituality play in your life? I am currently taking a class at my church that is basically teaching us to bring more creativity into what we do! So I am able to do more of that at Flavors from Afar through blogging as well as writing daily.

What do you do for fun? Travel to Italy. Twice a year we take groups to Italy (April & September)
Favorite Curse Word? Zut Alors (french for dang, dammit)

Pet Peeve? People who are unaware of burdens they place on others (I believe they are really aware)!

Describe a major life hardship/challenge? It was during the dot-com time. We had big dreams! On paper we were multi-millionaires and then the stock tanked. That was a paradigm shift!

Last Book You Read? The Leopard by Giuseppe Di Lampedusa

Favorite Quote? Carpe Vinum~ "Seize The One!"

What do you do for exercise? I walk most mornings with my neighbor.

Favorite Food? Pici Pasta which is like a big fat spaghetti

How old were you when you felt like you had "made it"? I was 40-- AT&T paid for me to get my Masters in Business. I graduated with Honors and the fact that AT&T believed in me really made me feel like I was successful.

What do you feel is the secret for success? Be confident in the face of adversity! Be COURAGEOUS!

Did you follow your passion? Now I am living my passion. When I was working in Telecom I wasn't. I am passionate about Flavors From Afar because I get to connect with people and their stories. I am also passionate about the history of Italy.

Millionaires Again? On Paper! (smiles)

Please visit Flavors from Afar at www.flavorsfromafar.com or drop in at 6712 Snider Plaza Dallas, Tx 214/696-2327

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